Livetrack Manager Android

Syscan-ID has released the Android version of the Livetrack Manager with all those features:

  • Bluetooth connection with Livetrack reader.
  • Quickly change reader`s settings.
  • Editing of Animal ID, Code and Weight for each tag read.
  • Tags are saved in database for later review.
  • Filter on one tag to see all entries for that tag.
  • Get statistics on weight variation for one tag.
  • Manage Animal IDs in reader. (Livetrack reader V8.05+ only)
  • Save tag list to .csv or .txt file.
  • Send multiple tag list files by email or Dropbox. (if Dropbox installed)
  • Import tag list file into database.
  • Print tag list on 3” Bluetooth printer with your own header and footer.


Livetrack Reader V5.25+, V6.11+ and 8.05+ 


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Guide (PDF)